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Robotics - exciting potential for Europe. A multi-media show

Room 5B, 20/10/2015 (16:00-16:45)


- Show the fascinating world or European Robots

- Distill and share robotics success stories as they benefit European industry and society (EU-funded projects)

- Stimulate approaches for boosting innovation in robotics at regional level

- Facilitate shared understanding of the chances to participate in the Calls ICT 2015 and beyond

- Strengthen cooperation among the European ICT community: robotics is a pivotal technology for almost all areas of the ICT programme

- Stimulate discussions among stakeholders, and experts in order to raise awareness of robotics opportunities at European level

- Raise awareness of SPARC, the largest civilian robotics programme in the world, and how to take part

euRobotics AISBL is the official partner of the European Commission in the Partnership of Robotics. With 230 member organisations, euRobotics represents research, industry, end-users in many exciting applications for robots.


The session would be built around three main pillars:

- A multimedia show on robotics consisting in a video showing how robotics is positively influencing the European economy (with a focus on regions) and affecting our daily lives, how SPARC and European experts work towards implementing a European Roadmap for Robotics, and it will showcase various robotics success stories.

- A panel discussion on how robotics stimulates innovation and growth with robotics experts

- Information on the next Call (delivered by the European Commission)


16:00 - Robotics - potentials for Europe's future (industrial and EU society points of view)

16:15 - SPARC - a PPP to advance European Robotics

16:25 - Presentation of the Horizon 2020 Call (robotics) 2016-2017

16:30 - Q&A

Participants will be able to interact with the panel during an interactive discussion.

The workshop can be filmed and responses captured in a post-event presentation or video.

Expected outcome

- Understanding that European robotics is rapidly moving into all areas: manufacturing (collaboration of robots and humans), agriculture, rescue, health, exoskeletons, transportation and autonomous cars, mining, inspection of infrastructures and many more.

- Understanding that robotics offer many opportunities for generating benefits to society

- Achieving a common understanding of the ICT Calls rules and effective sharing of best practices in order to increase the success rate of EU-funded projects proposals

- Identifying opportunities for networking and consortia building among participants

- Identifying opportunities for developing robotics-related activities at regional and local level

- The workshop outcomes will be made available to the participants and the general audience

Organised by: Uwe HAASS (euRobotics, Belgium)

Cluster: Components and Systems



Luis BARROS RIOS, 19/10/2015 19:41

Confirmo mi asistencia al evento. Nuestra compañia trabaja con personas mayores desde hace 15 años y me interesa este campo por el potencial que tiene como apoyo las personas dependientes.

Un saludo


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