Coordinator: Thilo Zimmermann

Organisation: Fraunhofer IPA



For #ERW2018, we aim for 100+ interactive robotics related events all over Germany. To see how robots will impact the way we work, live, and learn, & to see who shows what in Germany, please visit


Coordinator: Nadine Bender


Organisation: KUKA

With the additional motivation that this year’s #ERW2018 central event takes place in Augsburg, Germany, we are going to have a new all-time record of total number of events taking place in Germany. The Central event will show off the best examples of events that are taking place simultaneously all over Germany and Europe. We have several robot-building and programming workshops for kids and adults, interesting talks from experts in their fields, an exciting panel discussion on care robots with not only representatives from industry and science, but also the real end users. Discover the programme of the #ERW2018 central event and other events around Augsburg: