Coordinator: Thilo Zimmermann

Organisation: Fraunhofer IPA



For #ERW2017, Fraunhofer IPA is proud to host a career day for STEM students on November 17, a visitor day in the Application Center Industrie 4.0 on November 21, a Robotics and Automation Open Lab on December 14 and an Open Lab Day in the Future Work Lab on December 15. We hope to have many more events spread all over Germany. For an overview about all events in Germany, please visit

Coordinator: Nadine Bender


Organisation: KUKA Roboter GmbH

The German events during ERW2016 were wide in variety and could include many different people. The Computer Science Department of Humboldt University in Berlin opened its doors so that the public was able to see their robots preparing for the new season of RoboCup. At Schunk, everybody who is interested in robot automation was invited to join for a robot competition where they had to program their own robot and were able to win an award for best performance. By now a dear tradition is the ERW2016 for KUKA to be involved in several events each year from the beginning in 2011 on: Children of every age were invited to hands-on interactive lectures, where they could operate the youBot; adults were given a presentation by the Head of Engineering Advanced Technology Solutions and KUKA employees visited local schools and kindergartens to talk about robotics.

The local newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine got involved and hosted a robot drawing competition for over 100 children.

Up in the north of Germany, the Hamburg University of Technology held the third Robotic Hamburg Open Workshop (RoHOW), which is an educational and networking event of students of the Universität Hamburg and the TUHH with students and scientists from all over the world that are active in research on humanoid robots.

Frankfurt University organised an event on the topic of robotics and assistive technologies for healthy aging. And lastly another open lab afternoon was organised by the Chair for Cognitive Systems at the Technical University of Munich.