Odense Investor Summit 2017
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Odense Investor Summit – Robots meet Capital is the biggest event in DK where the focus is Robotics and drones only. All companies form all over Europe are welcome and their will be investors from all over Europe.

Target audience
Investors/Business Angels / VC’s looking for investment possibilities with robotics and drones and
International Startups and companies within Robotics and drones looking for funding.
Invest in Odense
Michael Hansen
+45 23 414 007
Vestre Stationsvej 7
5000 Odense C
Logos Foundation - Robot Orchestra concert
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Imagine a collection of more than sixty virtuoso musical robots that can play nearly any composition. Traditional instruments such as a piano, percussion, brass, woodwind or a  variety of string instruments are combined with unheard sounds produced by newly invented instruments.
All these automata are fully acoustic and do neither use electronic sounds nor amplification. The Logos Robot Orchestra only has genuine musical instruments, driven by the magic of 21st-century robotics, in its ranks.
Mechanical instruments have existed for a long time. Our automatons surpass their historical antecedents on various levels: all musical robots have full dynamic control as well as full polyphony. Their capabilities easily exceed those of human players. The microtonal capabilities and extreme precision of the automatons turn them into the perfect tool to explore musical and expressive possibilities.
The orchestra does more than just play any style of music, it can create astonishing interactive music in real time. Dancers and musicians use gesture-sensing technologies including sonar and radar systems - developed in-house - to control the sounds directly with their own bodies. The generated music is gesture-controlled. Instead of dancers reacting to music, the music is derived from the movement of the dancers.

Target audience
the general public
Logos Foundation
kristof lauwers
+32 9 223 8089
Logos Tetrahedron concert hall
Bomastraat 26
9000 Gent