Robotics Place DAY
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One day event to meet all the ecosystem of Robotics Place cluster. We will organise BtoB meetings with customers, hackathon for students, conferences with our partners from otehr clusters, school presentations, product demonstrations ... and more to be defined

Target audience
Customers, students, partners, providers, politics, journalists ...
Robotics Place
Philippe ROUSSEL
rue Pierre Gilles de Gennes 150
31670 Labège
08:00 - 18:00

Rencontres Nationales de la Robotique Educative
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These two days provide an opportunity for education and training professionals, teachers, students, and
researchers, local authorities, associations and economic players around the world.
of robotics to meet and exchange on practices and perspectives related to the use of robotics.
increasing number of robots and connected objects in the educational field.
This year's NNERs focus on data and learning issues and
have two main issues.
How do robots and connected objects contribute to disciplinary learning?
and transverse? What is their contribution to the development of the STEAM approach -
Sciences Technologies Engineering Arts and Mathematics - in France ? In which
How do they contribute to the development of 21st century skills?
century and the appropriation
CRCN's Digital Competency Framework - recently validated by the
Ministry of National Education and Youth?
What about the data generated during the pedagogical uses of robots and
connected objects? What challenges, risks and opportunities are discernible at the
about their production, protection, exploitation, valorisation...?
This edition aims to promote projects, uses and research results relating to
uses of robots and connected objects in schools and universities
French. The aim is to highlight the experiments and research projects
and to discuss the challenges and prospects for the years to come. These
meetings will be an opportunity to strengthen the professional community of practitioners,
trainers, researchers, experimenters, who work in the field of robotics and
connected devices for education

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Target audience
school counsellor
education inspector
school head
Institut Français pour l'éducation
IFE Lyon
Allée de Fontenay 19
69007 Lyon
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