Robotics Demo Day
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Robotics Demo Day in Chisinau Moldova will demonstrate how Robots functions using Lego MindStorm EV3. The program is co-organised by TEKEDU, USAID, Roboclub and Artico.

The workshop agenda:

1. First Workshop
Topic: The essential principles of robotics. LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 components.
(allocated time: 1h 30 minutes)
- Introducing in LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 parts and components.
- Basics of programming
- Work Practice – City Mission (Will try to program a robot to move in a city)

break : 30 minutes

2. Second workshop:
Topic: The impact of robotics in daily life
(allocated time: 1h 30 minutes)
- Building a robot called Floor Washer
- Giving it artificial intelligence (through programming)
- Receiving other examples or ideas about how can we ease our life using technologies
break : 30 minutes

3. Third workshop:
Topic: The impact of robotics in rescue operations
- Introducing. Which areas of human activity are very harmful and how can we use robots to keep people in safety
- Programming the mission “Rescue Bot” step by step with comments. (allocated time: 2 hours)

Target audience
Children, Teenagers
TEKEDU, USAID, RoboClub, Artico,
Abayomi Ogundipe
Shopping Malldova
Arborlor 21
2026 Chisinau
Moldova, Republic Of