Almaty Roboman 2018/2019
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The annual New Year robotics tournaments of Almaty Roboman - 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 (hereinafter referred to as the Tournament or Tournaments) are organized and conducted by the Public Foundation “Project Management Insitute, Kazakhstan” (PMI KZ) within the European Robotics Week (hereinafter ERW, more in https: // in a strategic partnership with the Association of Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Almaty Department of Education, BRIT Travel & Education, School № 3, Lyceum №134, Satbayev University, TURAN University, KBTU, AUPET, ALMAU, TURAN University College, IP “” ", By the online store, by the Project committees of the international forum“ Digital Twin Project Management: Business & Education Excellence through Virtual Replication "(DTF project, concept from 02/28/18 at http: //www.pmikz. org / dtf / file.axd? file = / DT_concept_280218.pdf), TRIZ KZ Community ( and STEAM Kazakhstan Competition (concept from 19.11. 17 at, other partner educational institutions, government and business structures, project teams of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries.
Information about the first tournament of Almaty Roboman - 2018, held on 12/31/17 at the Palace of Schoolchildren of Almaty on the tournament page on Facebook
Information about the first robotics competitions, integrated into the ERW-2018 organized by the college of the University of TURAN on 11/17/18 and the Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications on 21-23.11.18 see releases at / 10205501043080728 and

Target audience
schoolchildren and students
PMI Kazakhstan
Vladimir Zatolokin
Lyceum #134
Zharokova 24
050000 Almaty