Summer Robot Camp
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Come and join us at for 2 days of robotics fun, hosted by our very own robotics engineering and High5Girls rolemodels. They will bring you through a journey of learning how to think like a robot, to see their possibilities and learn how the robots around you think and feel. This will all be based on real life scenarios and applications.

Once you are happy you can think like a robot, we will apply that thinking to develop our very own Line Following robot, from physically assembling all the pieces together, writing code to tell it what to do, and having a bit of friendly competition with your new friends.

Where: Teknologisk Institut, Odense, Forskerparken 10, 5230 Odense

When: We meet Aug 4. at 13.00 and pick up time is Aug 5. at 15.00

We will stay at a DanHostel Odense, Kragsbjergvej 121, 5230 Odense

Target audience
Girls aged 13-16
Mette Rehfeld Meltinis
Danish Technological Institute
Forskerparken 10F
5230 Odense M
   04.08.2022 - 05.08.2022

Hora de Código en todos nuestros centros
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Charlas sobre Robótica Aplicada a Infantil y Primaria

Target audience
Niños de 4 a 12
Jándalo Robótix
José Martínez
Peal de Becerro
Bajos Excmo Ayto 20
23460 Peal de Becerro
   21.11.2022 - 28.11.2022
16:00 - 20:00