Robotistes in Kalamaria
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1) The students of the robotics classes will present their creations, demonstrate the way their robots function and answer other students' questions. A small competition will be held among the students.
2) Introductory labs will be offered to students with no previous experience on robotics. The lego education set WeDo will be used for ages 7-10 and the lego education Mindstorm EV3 set will be used for ages 10-12.
The use of the programmable floor robot bee-bot and the Code&Go Robot Mouse as a tool to enhance learning will be demonstrated through a multitude of kindergarten activities.

Target audience
Children 6-13 years old.
Robotistes educational organization, Municipality of Kalamaria
Christina Athanasopoulou
Children's library, Kalamaria
Andrea Papandreou 35
55132 Kalamaria