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Application of arrays in LEGO robotics.

Target audience
9 - 10 клас
PSHS American College Arcus
Gabriela Chotova

Dragoman 16
5000 Veliko Tarnovo
Oya LEGO bot construction. Yo-yo challenge.
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Target audience
8 клас

Zlatina Ivanova
Georgi Dimitrov 78
6200 Chirpan
STEAM & Robotics
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Practical seminar "STEAM - Challenges and Opportunities" is practice oriented and is intended for pedagogical specialists - for teachers in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, informatics, information technologies, heads of computer rooms, resource teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary teachers teachers and school principals. The main objective of the seminar is to meet the needs of the participants and to contribute to their professional competence. The program of the course aims to introduce teachers of the STEAM disciplines - natural sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics to the nature of STEAM teaching as a holistic approach, as well as its importance for the development of scientific and computational thinking of children and students. The program provides topics and lessons in which theory is minimized at the expense of practice - scientific experiments, experiments, modeling and construction of robots and installations, programming and more. Our lecturers and mentors are from the education system - proven in working with students and fellow teachers. Partners of the event are companies and companies with established positions in science and education.

The official guest of the seminar will be Mr. Asim Ademov - MEP and member of the Committee on Culture and Education at
The European Parliament.

Target audience
Teachers in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, computer science, information technology, heads of computer cabinets, resource teachers, kindergarten teachers, elementary teachers and school principals.
Inovation & Consulting Ltd.
Angel Angelov
Marieta Palace Hotel
Luben Karavelov 15
8230 Nesebar
Funny robotics
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Roboti-Byala Club is a non-profit association registered with the Regional Court of Rousse, with its seat in Byala, Ruse District. The club is created by engineers working in the field of automation and robotic systems, mechatronics, information technology, education and enthusiasts from other fields. The focus of the classes is learning programming and robotics through practice. Students learn about different sciences through robot games and constant teamwork when designing automated systems. We introduce the participants in the training in an interesting and understandable way in the world of robotics, programming, new technologies and science. We encourage them to dream, to design and to create things, and to believe that there are no impossible things.

The main goals of the association are:

1. To promote and develop the skills and interest of young people in science, technology and robotics, through extracurricular activities, participation in scientific competitions at home and abroad;
2. To develop scientific projects and create prototypes, in cooperation with other similar organizations at home and abroad;
3. To organize and conduct training forums individually or jointly with other similar organizations in the country and abroad.
4. To conduct seminars and trainings on the territory of the country and abroad.

Target audience
High school students
Byala Robots Club
Anton Anchev
Mincho Papaschikov 8
7100 Byala
Intelligent Service Robots for Smart Home Application
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In the frame of European Robotics Week, Robotics LAB-EPU is organizing an Educational Reach out event “Intelligent Service Robots for Smart Home Application”.
There will be demonstrated Tele-controlled Service Robot Robco 19, Mobile Robot Platform with Mechanum wheels, Articulated Manipulator and IoT devices for Smart Home Application.
The event will be held on 15.11.2019, at Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 2300 Pernik, Monte Carlo 1, from 13:00.

Target audience
Robotics Lab - European Polytechnic University
Assoc. Prof. Nayden Chivarov
Gymnasium of Natural Sciences and Mathematics - Pernik
Monte Carlo 1
2300 Pernik
Building and coding controlled robots
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1. Assembling the PCB;
2. Flash the zip LEDs;
3. Building the wheels;
4. Testing the servos;
5. Calibrating the servos
6. Attaching electronics
7. Coding

Target audience
Students, teachers, parents ...
High school
Dinko Dinev
Bulgaria, Yambol
Ivan Alexander Street 12
8600 Yambol
How to make a mechanical, hardboard hand
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The use of tinkering and educational robotics as teaching and learning tools inside school curricula encourages students in guided discovery, in problem posing and in problem solving. Tinkering is a playful and explorative way of approaching problems, a way of learning based on creativity and collaboration.

Target audience
Primary school students
Robotics Club at Hristo Botev High School
Denitsa Tsvetanova
High school Hristo Botev
Asparuh 5
3320 Kozloduy
Robo KN
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"Debt is moving less, keeping pace and succeeding with examples." Seneca
Our school aims to make the programs remarkable, easy and interesting. Through examples, demonstration and working with robotic devices. Our target group has students from 5 to 12 class. Robotics Club from High School of Math and Science Kyustendil will demonstrate to young students from other school, Lego robot missions, Bee Bot, Finch, ozobot and more. Through practical you will show how easy it is to write code.

Target audience
students 7-18 age
High School of Math and Science and Regional Library
Bilyana Yordanova
Regional Library
Otetz Paicii 11
2500 Kyustendil