The European Robotics League (ERL) will reach our everyday lives with its new tournament category called ERL Smart Cities.

Prior to 2018, the European Robotics League, funded by the European Commission to advance research, development and innovation in robotics and artificial intelligence, has run in three categories: emergency, industrial and service robots. Now teams from all three leagues meet every two years in the ERL Smart Cities tournaments, the first of which will be held in Milton Keynes, showcasing how real robots can make our lives better in urban environments.

ERL Smart cities offer a unique opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of using a variety of robotic applications in different living contexts for all European citizens. Leading European robotics developers from European companies and research labs will send teams to demonstrate their technologies and systems in high profile competitive demonstrations in a smart city environment.

ERL Smart Cities will raise interest through public engagement, validate and disseminate new benchmarks, and accelerate development by demonstrating the performance of components and techniques against these benchmarks. Setting competitions based on these benchmarks in the Smart City context drives development towards real societal needs.

ERL Smart Cities offers companies as well as researchers a unique opportunity to demonstrate their systems and technology to a wide public audience in a realistic and believable context, and will foster an informed, fact­based communication about robotics and its societal implications with public stakeholders and the media. The synergy between smart robots and smart cities adds value to both, and showcases the technologies which will shape our living spaces in the near future.

The first ERL Smart City tournament will be held in September 2019 in Milton Keynes, UK.

For more details on the competition visit http://sciroc.kmi.open.ac.uk/