Scoring and Standings 2017/2018

The ERL Service Robots is composed of multiple Local Tournaments, held in different research labs across Europe, with certified test beds, and a few competitions as part of Major Tournaments, such as RoboCup. Teams participate in a minimum of 2 tournaments (Local and/or Major) per year and get scores based on their performances. A final end of year score is computed for each team, per Task Benchmark (TBM) and Functionality Benchmark (FBM), using the best two participations in tournaments, and teams are ranked based on their final score. More information can be found on ERL Service Robots scoring system document.

Prizes for the top teams (per TBM and per FBM where they have participated) will be awarded during the next European Robotics Forum (ERF) in Tampere, Finland, 13-15 March 2018.

The current scoring and standings for the ERL Service Robots Challenge (last update: 7 December  2017) are the ones below:


Task Benchmarks

TBM1:  Getting to know my home

A - Achievements

P – Penalties

Yellow indicates the team has the minimum required (2) participations

 TBM2:  Welcoming Visitors

 TBM3:  Catering for Granny Annie's Comfort

TBM4: Visit my home (Navigation)

 TBM5: General Purpose Service Robots


Functionality Benchmarks

FBM1: Object Perception

 FBM2: Navigation

FBM3: Speech Recognition