To register a team for participating in ERL Emergency Robots 2017 different steps must be followed:


Deadline: 3rd April 2017

1)  Send an email to, to express your intention to participate in the competition (the email should include all the documents described below).

2)  Complete and send the Team Information Form with team members’ information.

3)  Complete and send the Vehicle(s) specification sheets for each of the participating robots.

4)  Submit a good-quality video(s) showing the robots performing the following operations:


  • Take-Off operation, in manual mode.
  • Hovering operation, in manual mode at 40 meters from the ground.
  • Fly following a rectangular trajectory as the one shown in Figure 1 of the Rulebook, both clockwise and counter-clockwise, in manual mode. These flights must be performed at an altitude of 20 meters.
  • Perform vertical displacements of at least 20 meters, in manual mode.
  • Landing, in manual mode.
  • Execution of the flight termination functionality on the ground. The video must show how the motors are stopped when the crash button is pressed.


  • Autonomous navigation (in a pool or in the sea) with the vehicle completely submerged with no wiring to control it.
  • Teams that do not have a fully autonomous vehicle at the moment of this first registration phase, can provisionally provide a video showing the current state of the vehicle to get a picture of the ongoing work (e.g. navigation with a cable, vehicle assembling status, etc.). These teams will be conditionally accepted as entrants and to successfully finish the application procedure, they will have to provide the video(s) demonstrating autonomous navigation before the deadline of Part 2.


  • Robot driving in an “8” shape path/line.

The videos can be sent via cloud storage, data transfer or a link to YouTube. They can also be physically sent in a USB stick via mail post.

5)  Aerial robots: Description of the aerial system and safety procedures (failsafe; GPS, signal or RC loss; battery, etc.).

6)  If your team cannot find partners in other domains, send us the Team Match Form and we will put you in contact with teams that match your criteria.


Download Application PART 1 documents


PART 2 (See below)

Start: once PART 1 has been approved

Deadline: 23 June 2017

1)  Send the Scenario Application Papers (SAP).

2)  Complete and send the Letter of Intent (LOI) signed & Liability Statement.

3)  Send the Photograph & Video release form signed by each of the team members.

4)  Teams that want to apply for a student travel grant must send an application letter addressed giving reasons why support should be given to their team and indicating the authorised representative. (Only applies to students enrolled in EU Universities or EU Research Centres or EU Companies)

5)  Payment of a non-refundable registration fee


A team that has submitted the application Part 1 before the deadline 1 and has received acknowledgement from the organisers becomes an ERL Emergency Robots entrant. However, to remain an entrant and to successfully finish the application procedure, Part 2 has to be completed before the second deadline as well. The teams will receive an acknowledgement of their received applications.

For more information on the application process see ERL Emergency Rulebook. (Last update 19/05/2017)

For information and updates on this call please check regularly this website.
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