Sponsorship Packages

The European Robotics League (ERL) aims to establish itself as a sustainable and portable set of competitions. This novel robotics league includes three competitions: ERL Emergency Robots, ERL Service Robots and ERL Industrial Robots.

The excellent reputation of ERL partners and the aim of the European Robotics League to be a European robotics platform for extending and showcasing cognitive robotics technologies, guarantees international media coverage and an immediate audience of roboticists and end-users in the areas of domestic, industrial and disaster-response robots.

This is a unique opportunity to be associated with a high profile European robotics competition and with universities and institutions leading in robotics research across Europe.

Being an ERL Competition sponsor means being associated with a prestigious and unique European Robotics League which draws worldwide media interest, and to contribute to the development of new robotics technology that improves the quality of living for humans at home, builds the factories of the future and helps to save human lives.

ERL Emergency Robots

ERL Emergency builds upon the successful euRathlon 2015 Grand Challenge (www.eurathlon.eu), the world's first multi-domain outdoor robotics competition for disaster-response robots that draw the attention of national and international press.

We expect ERL Emergency 2017 event to have even more visibility than the preceding euRathlon 2015, which had media coverage of over 150 news articles including local, national and international newspapers, radio and TV. In parallel to the competition, the event runs a program of activities that includes robot demonstrations and robotics talks from eminent experts in the field. In 2015, the competition attracted over 100 robotics experts, 150 participants and more than 1200 visitors and public in general.

ERL Emergency 2017 competition will be held in Piombino, Italy, from the 15th - 23rd September 2017.

ERL Service Robots and ERL Industrial Robots

The European Robotics League -Service Robots and Industrial Robot build upon the successful RoCKIn@Home and RoCKIn@Work Challenges, respectively. The RoCKIn project (http://rockinrobotchallenge.eu) organised the first indoor robot competitions funded by the European Commission. The 2014 (Toulouse) and 2015 (Lisbon) events caught the interest of the general public, the media and the scientific community.

ERL Service and ERL Industrial events in 2017 will mostly consist of local events in certified test beds with the participation of 3-4 teams in each. Despite the relative small size of each tournament, the concept is to build a large community that participates all over the year in several tournaments, competing for the year’s awards, mostly like in the European Football Champions League. The awards will be handed during the prestigious European Robotics Forum annual event that will take place in March 2018, in Tampere, Finland. Such events should be comparable with the past RoCKIn events, which attracted more than 100 participants and more than 10 teams from 10 countries, with coverage from French and Portuguese public TVs, a channel in a cable network, and ManotoTV, the latter of which broadcasting to millions of Farsi-speaking households.

ERL Service Robots and ERL Industrial Robots local and major tournaments are already scheduled for the new season 2017/18


We are looking for sponsors for ERL Service and Industrial Robots (Season 2017/18) and ERL Emergency 2017. For detailed information on the sponsorship packages, please contact Dr. Fausto Ferreira (Fausto.Ferreira@cmre.nato.int).
For sponsors interested in the full set of ERL competitions there is a special sponsorship package available.


Interested companies/organizations are invited to exhibit during the ERL Emergency competition in Piombino, Italy. Exhibitors have different options in terms of size of booths. A limited number of spaces are available and exhibitors' booths will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. There is the possibility of arranging a public talk and/or demo in the competition area if requested in advance (limited availability). For details regarding to the available options, book your space and/or to get additional information, please contact Dr Gabriele Ferri (Gabriele.Ferri@cmre.nato.int) and/or Dr. Fausto Ferreira (Fausto.Ferreira@cmre.nato.int).