The European Robotics League

SPARC would like to introduce the exciting new concept of the European Robotics League (ERL) to our community. The ERL is a novel common framework for two indoor robotics competitions, ERL Industrial Robots and ERL Service Robots, and one outdoor robotics competition, ERL Emergency Robots. 

The ERL builds on the success of the EU-FP7 projects: RoCKIn, euRathlon and EuRoC.

  • RoCKIn@Home – ERL Service Robots
  • RoCKIn@Work – ERL Industrial Robots
  • euRathlon  – ERL Emergency Robots

The European Robotics League local and major tournaments are based in Europe and are open to international participation. ERL Service and ERL Industrial Robots have a diffused set of benchmarking testbed across Europe where researchers compete, meet, discuss, learn and improve; whilst ERL Emergency Robots organises a pre-competition summer school where attendees can prepare themselves for participating in the major tournament.

These three unique competitions aim at replicating consistent benchmarking results more than stating a winner of a single event, and have been designed to target three clear objectives: the European societal challenge of aging population, the strengthening of the European robotics industry and to push the state of the art in autonomous systems for emergency response.

The European Robotics League is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement n° 688441.