Social Programme

The ERF2017 social events (Welcome Reception and Banquet Dinner) take place at the National Museum of Scotland, housed in a magnificent Victorian building. Founded in 1780, in 2016 the Museum celebrated 150 years, since the building first opened to the public. Join us for the social programme, and follow the story of Scotland from prehistory to the present day in Scottish galleries and meet the Scots whose ideas, innovations and leadership took them across the world in Discoveries gallery.

Chambers Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1JF, Tel: 0300 123 6789

22nd March (19.30-23.30) - Welcome Reception

National Museum of Scotland - Scottish History and Archaeology galleries & Explore gallery (Level 1)

The Scottish galleries guide you from the Palaeolithic era to the present day, from the earliest cultures to space age science, prehistory to pop culture. The Explore gallery brings science to life with hands-on games and interactive exhibits. Don’t miss Dolly the sheep: she’s a science superstar and one of the Museum’s most iconic objects.

Credits (from left to right): Explore - euRobotics; Scottish gallery Credits Replica of the tomb of Mary, Queen of Scots. The original is in Westminster Abbey & Aeroplanes in the In Flight display - National Museums of Scotland

23rd March (19.00-23.00) - Banquet Dinner and euRobotics Awards Ceremony

National Museum of Scotland - Grand Gallery

Rising up through the four storeys, the Window on the World is the largest single museum installation in the UK. The display celebrates the variety and scope of the Museum, showcasing a spectacular array of over 800 objects drawn from a wide range of cultures and disciplines, from tiny glass sculptures to a girder from the original Tay Bridge, whale bone scrimshaw to Art Nouveau design.

Credits (from left to right): Grand gallery - National Museums of Scotland; NMS Facebook; The Window on the World NMS