Social Programme

Welcome reception (20 March, 19:00)

The Palace of the Patriarchate (Palatul Patriarhiei), also known as the Palace of the Great National Assembly (Palatul Marii Adunări Naționale) during the Communist regime, is a building in Bucharest, Romania located on the plateau of Dealul Mitropoliei. The building served as the seat of successive Romanian legislatures: of the Assembly of Deputies during the Kingdom of Romania, then of the Communist-era Great National Assembly, and after the Romanian Revolution of 1989, of the Chamber of Deputies. Parliamentarians vacated the building in 1997, when it passed to the Patriarchate of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

The façade, done in a neo-classical style, is 80 m long. The imposing ground floor is dominated by the center of the façade, the entrance area, detached and having a peristyle featuring six Ionic columns, the four in the center grouped as pairs.

Address: Strada Patriarhiei, Bucharest – bus transport is free and included in your ERF2019 ticket. Bus will leave from Marriott – schedule will be announced closer to the event date.

Awards Ceremony and Banquet (21 March, 19:00)

Le Château, located in Alba Iulia square, was designed to meet the most demanding needs and expectations of an elevated public, paying attention to the smallest details when it comes to large events. These needs were fulfilled both by the sumptuous finishes and by the generous interiors, suitable for large events, as few ballrooms in Bucharest can accommodate.

In the design of Le Château Ballroom Bucharest, the modern style blends with the classical luxury of the event salon, the brilliance is reflected in ample marble floors and mural paintings, and the volume is given by imposing columns and crystal chandeliers: a salon of events that you rarely find in Bucharest.

Check the awards to be handed during the Banquet

Adress: Strada Turturelelor 11, Bucharest – bus transport is included in the ticket price for the banquet. Bus will leave from Marriott – schedule will be announced closer to the event date.