About ERF2021

European Robotics Forum 2021 (ERF2021)

The European Robotics Forum, the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on 23-25 March 2021, at the World Trade Center. Over 1000 European robotics top experts are expected to attend the 12th edition of the conference.

ERF2021 will host a major exhibition where companies, universities and research institutes showcase the most advanced European prototypes, products, services and EU-funded projects.

Twitter hashtag: #ERF2021

Event website: www.erf2021.eu

The European Robotics Forum 2021 is organised by euRobotics, and hosted by University of Twente in collaboration with Rotterdam Partners.

About ERF

After its start in San Sebastian in 2010, The European Robotics Forum has grown into a major annual event with hundreds of attendees every year. 

The European Robotics Forum 2020 was organised by euRobotics under SPARC, the Public-Private partnership for Robotics in Europe, and hosted by Universidad de Malaga in collaboration with Ayuntamiento de Malaga and Parque Technologico de Andalucia. Honorary president of the organizing committee, His Majesty the King Phillip VI.

About euRobotics and SPARC

euRobotics is a non-profit organisation based in Brussels with the objective to make robotics beneficial for Europe's economy and society.  With more than 250-member organisations, euRobotics also provides the European Robotics Community with a legal entity to engage in a public/private partnership with the European Commission, named SPARC.

SPARC, the public-private partnership (PPP) between the European Commission and euRobotics, is a European initiative to maintain and extend Europe’s leadership in civilian robotics. Its aim is to strategically position European robotics in the world thereby securing major benefits for the European economy and the society at large.

SPARC is the largest research and innovation programme in civilian robotics in the world, with 700 million euro in funding from the European Commission between 2014 to 2020 which is tripled by European industry, to yield a total investment of 2.8 billion euro. SPARC will stimulate an ever more vibrant and effective robotics community that collaborates in the successful development of technical transfer and commercial exploitation in all regions.