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Systems Engineering - Progress in Robot Modeling - Why Modeling is Crucial for Success
Despite the recent progress in artificial intelligence and robot learning, modelling
of robotic systems is still important in particular for novel and safety critical
applications such as human robotic collaboration but also in view of the ecological
impacts of industrial robot applications.


• Arne Wahrburg: You cannot measure everything – On the importance of
models for estimation and prediction in robotics
• Justus Piater: Progress in Robot Learning - Is Modeling Crucial for Success?
• Mathias Brandstötter: Modeling the Workspace of General Serial Manipulators
• Martin Pfurner: Kinematic Modeling of Robots Using Algebraic Tools
• Andreas Müller: Model-Based Industrial Robotics: Motion Planning and

Organiser: Andreas Müller

Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)
Morrison St 150
United Kingdom

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