Call for WS Proposals ERF2022

On behalf of the ERF Program Committee, we invite you to submit your workshop for the 14th edition of the European Robotics Forum, to be held from 22 – 24 March, 2022 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


The European Robotics Forum is the most influential meeting of the robotics community in Europe, spanning academia, industry and society. It aims to foster communication and knowledge transfer and covers technology, application and impact of robotics. The ERF provides a podium to discuss recent and future advances in robotics in context of applications, societal impact, ethical and legal considerations. Robotics includes classical aspects such as mechatronics, control, perception and cognition as well as current themes like AI and data in relation to robotics.

Please read the following text carefully, as several elements for the forum set-up are changed in comparison to previous physical editions.

A-status and B-status workshops

Due to growing numbers of submitted workshops for the European Robotics Forum and the feedback we received from our participants to reduce the number of workshops within the program, and strive for higher quality and more interaction within the workshops, the Program Committee decided to redefine the call for workshops.

There will be a classification of workshops done by the Program Committee after the WS proposal is received.

  • Selections will be done based on the criteria below soon after the submission deadline. There is no guarantee that late submissions will be considered
  • Priority will be given to workshops that satisfy the criteria for A status workshops
  • Please note that free ERF 2022 registration tickets for WS proposers and contributors are only available via existing  euRobotics membership, ERF 2022 sponsoring packages or as support for Topic Groups. No free tickets will be made available in any other way or for any other purpose
  • euRobotics Topic Group-driven workshops that are categorized as A-status can get support in form of up to 2 free tickets per Topic Group to bring in people who would normally not attend ERF (e.g. people not working directly in robotics but bringing value when involved). The request for free tickets should be stated in the application form, mentioning the people to be invited and the motivation

A-Status Workshops Criteria

B-Status Workshops Criteria

Specific, action-oriented purpose and an aim to generate concrete answers/clear expected outcome to current problems in the field

No specific criteria related to purpose and aim

Strong focus on new and/or emerging and/or strategic topics as well as those reflecting current areas of community interest * 

All topics related to robotics, including related fields such as Data and AI

Proposers must define the full contents of the workshop, including a  full marketing text, a clear workshop agenda and confirmed contributors  to the WS

Proposers can submit a workshop proposal which has not fully defined content and contributors

The structure of the workshop is pre-defined, highly interactive and includes for example discussions, Q&A, and/or panel sessions to facilitate a lively exchange of ideas among the attendees

The structure of workshops is not defined (yet) and workshops are less formal

Workshops have a balanced representation of industrial and/or academic contributors, and/or involve end-users, representatives of finance, policy, etc. as appropriate

No specific criteria related to representation of different target groups

Proposers are obliged to attend the WS organizers meeting  that will be held online on 21 October 2021 from 16.00 – 17.00 (more details will follow later)

Proposers are advised to follow the WS organizers meeting  that will be held online on 21 October 2021 from 16.00 – 17.00 (more details will follow later)

Proposers are obliged to submit Workshop proposal before deadline of 24 September, 2021

Proposers are advised to submit Workshop proposal before deadline of 30 September, 2021 (acceptance based on availability within the schedule)

A-Status Workshops will gain extra visibility within the program (15 October first preliminary program draft available online)

No extra exposure for B-Status workshops within the program

A-Status TG workshops can apply for 2 free tickets for speakers

No free tickets are available for speakers

Please note that a call for a scientific track will be sent out and available online soon. More information about this call can be requested at

*Topic areas for A-Status Workshops

We encourage the European Robotics community to submit workshop proposals to address new, emerging, and strategic topics as well as those reflecting current areas of community interest in robotics:

  • AI in Robotics 
  • Autonomy, Collaborative Robots and cloud robotics
  • Societal Impact and Ethical implications of Robotics 
  • Cybersecurity in Robotics
  • Regulation and Standardization for Robotics and AI
  • Control technology including virtualisation and edge/cloud

Please note that subjects like end-user challenges, education and training, regulations and policies, etc. are all possible under these main topic areas (for instance: Education and Training in Collaborative Robotics; Regulations for AI in Robotics, etc.). 

Please note that other topic areas are not excluded from A status! The above list only serves as a priority list based on community input, and we encourage the community to submit workshop proposals within these main topic areas. 

Proposal submission

  • Workshop proposals should be submitted via an online form, according to the instructions available at the ERF 2022 & euRobotics websites:
  • The Deadline for WS applications is 24 September, 2021 
  • Feedback to WS proposers and potential revision / merge requests for similar WS proposals will be between 4 October and 15 October, 2021