euRobotics Awards 2021



The aim of the euRobotics Technology Transfer Award is to showcase the impact of robotics research and to raise the profile of technology transfer between science and industry. Outstanding innovations in robot technology and automation that result from cooperative efforts between research and industry are eligible for the prize.

The 2021 Awards Ceremony tool place online during the European Robotics Forum.

First Prize: VEMO The first AI-powered, robotic therapy in Intensive Care. THE TEAM:​ Alexander König (Reactive Robotics), Sami Haddadin (Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence), Friedemann Müller (Schön Klinik Bad Aibling)​ ​

Second Prize: The Myosuit: Textile-Powered Mobility​. THE TEAM: Jaime E. Duarte (MyoSwiss) Kai Schmidt (MyoSwiss) Michele Xiloyannis (ETH Zürich) Luca Renato Traini (University Hospital of Zürich) Robert Riener (ETH Zürich)​

Third Prize: Wearable Robotics. THE TEAM: Antonio Frisoli (Wearable Robotics / Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna), Lucia Lencioni (Wearable Robotics), Massimo Bergamasco (Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna)​


  • ​FINROP The first industrial application of constraint-based programming using eTaSL​. THE TEAM: Geert De Coppel (Audi Brussels), Philippe Delforge (Flexible Robotic Solutions), Erwin Aertbeliën (KU Leuven / Flanders Make), Joris De Schutter (KU Leuven / Flanders Make)​
  • The Tactile Telerobot For Dangerous, Difficult and Distant. THE TEAM: Jobs Rich Walker (Shadow Robot), Jeremy Fishel (Tangible Research), Michael Eichermueller (HaptX)​ ​

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The Entrepreneurship workshop provides the ability for small innovative companies to pitch their ideas for the next big thing in robotics to a panel of technology investment experts. Entrants stand the chance to gain valuable skills in how to pitch an investment idea together with the potential to gain interest in their company from the investment community.

The 2021 Awards Ceremony tool place online during the European Robotics Forum

First prize: My Leg
Second prize: CAPRA ROBOTICS
Third prize: SPIN ROBOTICS

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euRobotics yearly gives the Georges Giralt PhD Award at the European Robotics Forum (ERF) to recognise great work of Ph.D. students in our community.

The PhD award committee is currently in the selection phase for the nominees.


  • Giuseppe Averta - "Human-aware robotics: modeling human motor skills for the design, planning and control of a new generation of robotic devices"
  • Bernd Henze - "Whole-body control for multi-contact balancing of humanoid robots - design and experiments"


  • Zichao Zhang - "Active robot vision: from state estimation to motion planning​"
  • Christos Verginis - "Planning and control of uncertain cooperative mobile manipulator-endowed systems under temporal logic tasks"​

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