Why join euRobotics?

1. Robotics is on the verge to have a tremendous impact on the economy and our society.

Robots are known to save costs, to improve quality and work conditions, and to minimise resource waste. From today’s €22bn worldwide revenues, robotics industries are set to achieve annual sales of between €50bn and €62bn by 2020. However, the much larger impact of robotics arises from the effect it has upon the competitiveness of the manufacturing and service industries that use robotics systems and technologies, and upon the quality of life for citizens. A recent study by McKinsey estimates that the value derived from the application of advanced robotics across healthcare, manufacturing and services could have an annual economic impact of between $1.7 trillion and $4.5 trillion worldwide by 2025.

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Forecast of the world robotics market. The effects of the PPP are estimated to be a significant uplift of the European market share (plus 14%) and a resulting additional turnover of approximately €44bn (cumulated over years 2014-2020).

2. The European Commission has signed a contract with euRobotics for a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Robotics

Because of the strategic importance for the European industry, the European Commission has decided to establish a PPP on Robotics. The purpose is to bring together both industry and academia from all areas of robotics technology and application, as well as other stakeholders who are critical to the establishment of a new high-tech industry, into a single focussed unit which is led, on the private side, by euRobotics AISBL. The PPP aims to facilitate the building and empowerment of an industry and a supply chain that is capable of capturing over 42% of the world market in robotics by 2020.

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3. euRobotics AISBL develops recommendations to the Commission for funding Robotics.

Members of euRobotics AISBL work in “Topic Groups” on “step changes” which are needed in robotics related technologies, and advise on market domains which would bring maximum results with the improved technologies in terms of economy and benefits for the society. euRobotics AISBL members have developed an internationally recognised Strategic Research Agenda and is launching a multi-annual roadmap which will be annually updated. Based on this roadmap, members of euRobotics AISBL develop recommendations to the Commission for funding within the area of Robotics under Horizon 2020.

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4. Chances for SME’s

Even more importantly, the PPP intends to facilitate the building of value chains that will enable solutions to be flexible and adaptable. The PPP will drive entrepreneurship and SMEs. The dedicated SME instrument under H2020 will be a particularly useful tool within the PPP in robotics. Without the support of the PPP, it is unlikely that Europe will be able to capitalise on the excellence in science and skill base it has successfully created.

5. Wide range of stakeholders

euRobotics AISBL and its members are committed to the PPP being run as an open asso­ciation with open calls under Horizon 2020 and is actively seeking and accepting new members representing all interested stakeholders including end users, finance and professional bodies.