Members benefits

Community building

  • Partnerships - euRobotics assists companies in meeting their peers and in establishing new business relations;
  • Bridging - euRobotics builds bridges between research organisations and industry;
  • Networking - euRobotics organises the annual European Robotics Forum, the most important pan-European robotics conference and the European Robotics Week, an outreach event reaching to the public through over 1000 robotics-related activities everywhere in Europe.



  • Participation in Topic Groups - All members can participate in the 30+ Topic Groups that fuel the European Roadmap on robotics;
  • This Roadmap is the basis for recommendations to the European Commission on funding programmes as part of SPARC, Europe’s public-private partnership on robotics.



  • Members benefit from numerous opportunities to promote their activities through the services offered by euRobotics, such as the various Newsletters or the community mailing list.