Members benefits


Provides a unique structure for robotics in Europe, serving as the:

  • Association for all European robotics stakeholders, with over 250 members from industry and research
  • Private side of SPARC, the Public-Private Partnership with the European Commission
  • Initiator and coordinator of Topic Groups for structuring various content and interests

Coordinates the road-mapping process for European robotics

  • Is a central source of information on robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) for the European Commission, policy makers and Member States (giving input to Horizon 2020, Civil laws on robots, Horizon Europe, Digital Europe Programme, AI Strategy etc.)
  • Represents European robotics and AI at regional, national and international level

Fosters community building by:

Boosts outreach by:

  • Promoting European robotics
  • Promoting a positive image of robotics (through events, social media, etc.)
  • Offering visibility opportunities to members during major events (through sponsoring and exhibition, videos, interviews etc.)

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