RODIN - RObotics Digital Innovation Network

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are both innovation domains that are becoming key to the digitisation agenda of the industry. Europe is one of the leading regions in industrial robotics. The service robotics sector, thanks to a vivid start-up community and strong industrial leadership, is a European asset. But to have more advanced robots we need better and faster reasoning techniques from the Artificial Intelligence field. Therefore, both robotics and (physical) AI are crucial to strengthen this leadership and to strength European industry.

The European Commission has called to develop a sustainable ecosystem of robotics stakeholders and accelerate a broad uptake and integration of robotic technologies by the industry via networks of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs). Four Priority Application Areas (PAAs) were identified: Healthcare, Infrastructure Inspection and Maintenance, Agri-Food, and Agile Production. Four Innovation Actions that have started in January 2019 will create four European networks that will boost the quality and efficiency of DIHs and create a pan-European collaboration.

To create synergies among those four areas and give a harmonized interface to the community, the RODIN project aims to align and coordinate activities. This is key to creating an efficient and effective common European platform for robotics. While each DIH operates autonomously RODIN’s role is to identify commonality between them, create linkage, and provide a unified point of access to them. It will promote best practice in the operation and growth of DIH networks and DIH themselves. It will work with the individual DIH networks to identify common operating themes and to coordinate events, calls and workshops. It will also monitor performance and feedback to DIH networks in the four areas.

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